Your Life is About to Change
Everyone Feels Like a Badass When They Train Krav Maga
Yet, We Don't Take Ourselves Too Seriously...
Dammit Adam! Your one chance to look cool!
But, We are the #1 Training Program for Adults
Bold claims. We'll back it up. Don't worry.
Predators Prey on Weak...
Unlock your inner warrior and you will never be messed with again. (We have study's that prove this)
Cages Aren't Real Life
Who wants to wake up in the morning and get punched in the face? 
Life does that enough for us... 
The Gym... Bleh!
Do I need to say more? 
I don't know about you... but running on a treadmill facing a wall, watching tv with subtitles, isn't my idea of escaping and having fun. 
What if... 
You increased your confidence level  30% in the next 3 months? 
... Where you don't have to get punched in the face everyday, wear a belt, or worry about egos. Instead you'll get a great workout and leave every session knowing a skillset of how to fight (for self-defense of course).
"Revolutionizing the Industry"

*Note: Bono may not have said that.
... “Quotes are just more profound when you attribute them 
to someone famous.” - Albert Einstein
We Developed a Practical Program to:
Learn Self-Defense. 
Get Confidence. 
Lose Weight. 
Have Fun.
Here's What Ya do...
Schedule Online
Once you schedule your class you will get some emails with training videos and details on how to prepare!
Learn the Fundamentals
The challenge is 15 classes and expires in 3 months. You will learn all the basics of Krav Maga within this challenge. 
Beast Mode Activated
Once you are done, you will feel more confident. You will also get a certificate and be invited to join our Intermediate Program!
We could go on...
Over 50+ Five Star Reviews on Yelp (The highest reviewed Krav Maga in the area)
Trust is Earned.
So we let you try a class for FREE to see if you like what we got. 

Can we get crazier? YES! 

If at anytime in the three months (even if you complete the whole challenge) you aren't happy with the program, we will refund your whole tuition immediately - no questions asked. 

(We have no idea why Mimi is yelling in this picture. We are pretty sure she doesn't either.)
Now Accepting New Members
× NO
Don't Join If...
  • You're an a**hole
  • ​You're looking to enhance your small ego
  • ​You're looking for traditional Martial Arts (we aint that!)
  • ​You complain a lot (ugh... why complain? Have fun!)
Definitely Join If...
  • You're looking to upgrade your life
  • ​Tend to have a positive outlook on things 
  • Looking for a rad community of people to hang with
  • ​Ready for a change
Schedule your free trial class below:
You have Questions... We have Answers!
How Much Are Classes? 
That's a great question! We have multiple ways to become a member at Krav Maga XD. 
First you would join our Fundamentals Challenge for $297 (15 classes, 3 month expiration, training book, training videos, and workshop) 
If you wanted to continue with training into the intermediate program you can join the club for $168/m with no contracts! We also have deals where you can purchase multiple months for a discount. 
What is the schedule? 
We have multiple classes to choose from! And the best part is you DON'T have to take them in any order - what ever fits best on your schedule. 

Here's the schedule for the Fundamentals Challenge:
+ Monday: 6PM
+ Tuesday: 8PM
+ Wednesday: 6PM
+ Saturday: 11AM
Where are you located? 
Costa Mesa! Towards the water 🏄‍♂️

On Superior Avenue... about 1 mile before PCH. 

Our address is: 

1635 Superior Ave 
Unit 5
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
I've never done anything like this before... Am I in way over my head? 
PERFECT! We love having a fresh start training someone. Less "bad habits" to destroy ;) 

But I understand the fear. That's why we have a free trail class so you can test the waters. But in my experience very few people think it's "too much" for them. 
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